critiques protocolaires d’internet: scuttlebutt et ipfs

introduction - 2 pages

établir le concept de critique protocolaire

établir les précédentes critiques d’internet:

établir la question principale: comment se constitue une critique protocolaire d’internet?

quels sont les points communs de la forme, et les divergences de contenus?


justifier le choix de ces deux projets (points communs et différences)

A protocol is a set of procedural rules, information formats, and other conventions which, if followed by the communicating entities, enable their conversation to proceed smoothly and without confusion or error. Communication protocols naturally fall into a hierarchy of levels.src

in this paper wer’re at the application layer: influential to the user, but also generalistic


1 - analyse de ipfs - 3 pages

The IPFS is not just a theoretical or academic experiment. It is a working software system (although still in alpha) that can be downloaded and switched on right now src this is the point of protocol critique

section sur applications - web UI has a map of the world -> global - also what it is associated with -> filecoin, blockchain (brave), multiformats, IPLD lookup, libp2p

check the community?

2 - analyse de ssb - 3 pages

3 - rapport protocolaires à l’espace et au temps - 2 pages