beautiful code according to -

find the best programming pearls – what is a “pearl”?

ACM Library results: - aesthetics and programming, superprogrammers describe: - correct software at JPL: coding process and coders: - source code documentation from paratexts: - discovering the main important terms in source code: - understanding misunderstanding in source code: - familiarity and remembrance of source code: - source code as technical and cultural artefact: - what do developers look for in source code: - beauty and joy in computing: - beauty of user-aware HCI: - the beauty of error-correcting codes: - aesthetics and simplicity in design: - beauty and elegance in machine learning: - classifying code comments: - large-scale code comments: - reading source code: - GEM: numerals in ADA: - code commits: - beauty in computer programming: - teaching how to contribute to Open Source: - code quality based on # of developers on project (interesting for “what is code quality?”) - representing concerns in source code: - uniqueness and redundancy in source code: - clarity in source code lexicon: - improving source code readability: