itlog import: elegance

## chad perrin ###

elegant: characterized by a lack of the gratuitous

clever source code can be/often is?/ bad for maintainability

OOP: encapsulation and modularity are good things, but not axioms of goodness

acknowledges the influence of programming languages on elegance

“in pursuing elegance, it is more important to be concise than to be brief!” -> highlight the difference between these two terms

lambda takes to make for simpler programs.

difference between the useless and the gratuitous (gratuitous is good)

also underlying assumptions that influence standards of elegance

“The more a language lets you define the language you’re using on the fly, the more likely it is to allow an excellent programmer to produce elegance, which should really be the end goal of writing code, generally speaking: elegant solutions.”

is it really necessary? is it functionally desirable?

difference between pretty and elegant? elegant could touch at the substance of the program, while pretty is really just formatting, additional spaces, tabs, etc.