The Aesthetics of Source Code - Pierre Depaz

Further definition of topic and future outline of work


main report

established software engineering practices
sum up those aesthetic standards
shifted from singular understanding to plural understandings
highlighted code’s uncertainty as a literary object, and rather as a crafting resource
next steps

these understandings could be the interplay between theoretical, craft and literature

keep in mind

giving up the understanding in order to understand better

questions that i need help with

words as problem solvers (in reference to the book pat found, where the author states that programming is treated as a management problem, and not a mathematical one: but in both cases, we’re still talking about source code (and to what extent is it always the “same” source code?), a unique object/practice/paradigm which enables us to solve problems (and now, to what extent are these problems dependent on source code? or is it because source code (as computation) can solve theoretically any problem? and is that beautiful in itself?))