jack goody - the logic of writing beatrice fraenkel - Langage et Travail, Communication, Cognition, Action beatrice fraenkel - the event of writing jérôme denis - le travail invisible des données / anthropologie des connaissances

galloway, protocols

code of the city: standards - questions of origin and diffusion - how were design standards first generated and adopted? - did the industry become dependent on it (when?)? how are they disseminated, practiced, enforced? - questions of performance and outcome - what forms of software have resulted form it? what are its deficiencies? - what impact did standards have on the industry (if any?) - how are standards viewed by those who administer them, and those who are administered by them? - questions of transformation and opportunity - what are the implications of restructuring design standards? - what processes and tools can foster change? - can tech and software provide more flexible/open working environments?

style as managing ambivalent attachments to big social forms > mcgurl, d.a. miller

tzvetan todorov: “les effets de style ne pourraient exister que s’ils ne s’opposaient a une norme, a un usage etabli”