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this post is by the dude from create-react-app and gets to the point of “the tragedy of the commons” (TODO: figure out in what sense this is a tragedy? because everyone tries to chime in with their own opinion, to the detriment of the project?) [] -> refers to issues not as an issue tracker, but rather as a desires tracker [] the community dilemma: “The downside is that leaving those options out could hinder adoption among people who feel strongly about the opposing choices and open the door for a fork.” [] focus on the longevity of the project [] interesting analysis of Standard’s evolution: they started by not doing the best thing, but by offering the best solution (packaged utility), they got some of the most following and existing projects have adopted the tool

forking is a response to configuration: creates loosely connected but distinct worlds

[] tolerance for FEW exceptions

and then the rest of the issue is just references to justify that one should not add config.

[] this is hell: 120+ comments about nested ternary operators, where the main argument becomes the “stubborness” of prettier

the biggest problem in this issue is actually that it is inconsistent

the problem with large scale repositories is that, at some point, it becomes noise, in which everyone chips in with their particular preference and there is no clean way to keep track of the conversation