jack goody - the logic of writing beatrice fraenkel - Langage et Travail, Communication, Cognition, Action beatrice fraenkel - the event of writing jérôme denis - le travail invisible des données / anthropologie des connaissances georg simmel -

galloway, protocols

code of the city: standards - questions of origin and diffusion - how were design standards first generated and adopted? - did the industry become dependent on it (when?)? how are they disseminated, practiced, enforced? - questions of performance and outcome - what forms of software have resulted form it? what are its deficiencies? - what impact did standards have on the industry (if any?) - how are standards viewed by those who administer them, and those who are administered by them? - questions of transformation and opportunity - what are the implications of restructuring design standards? - what processes and tools can foster change? - can tech and software provide more flexible/open working environments?

style as managing ambivalent attachments to big social forms > mcgurl, d.a. miller

tzvetan todorov: “les effets de style ne pourraient exister que s’ils ne s’opposaient a une norme, a un usage etabli”

style negotiations in open source platform are a conflict between personal initiative and group direction, and in that mimicks the productive tensions in open-source software.

This study has implications for understanding…… TO BE COMPLETED (the limitations of do wtf you want lol)

What are the objectives?

This paper examines the discursive strategies at play when deciding on a programming style in the context of open-source development

which concepts do i rely on? (readerly/writerly texts is a good start)

what is the existing research on this topic? (keywords: style, written approach, organizational aesthetics)


research methods