notes - fall 2020


who is going to be impacted by this? how does it create discussion/connection?

los pequenos glazier, code as language: “There are other spatialities key to writerly programming. Decisions such as whether copies of objects are used in new contexts or existing objects are overwritten, recursion, the articulate realities of arrays, and the energized antics of loops within loops, are a decisive part of the logic of programs”

tension between literature and architecture: expression statement vs. block statement

aesthetic analysis

luigi pareyson: aesthetics and interpretation [] - typography is proven to be helpful

this could be an interesting theory about the reading process: []

this is not so much about code aligning with standards of literature, but maybe aligning to the standards of both epistemology and architecture, architectural knowledge

meeting with advisors


the intent overall is to see to what extent there is an overlap between each of those communities of practice

next steps: