music, language and composition

## theodor adorno

Music does have an intention (the most obvious thing in language), but that intention is always veiled.

how does music make sense? To differentiate music from the mere succession of physical stimuli, we sometimes say that music has sense, or structure. To the extent that in music nothing is isolated, and everything only becomes what it is in its physical contact with what is closest and its spiritual contact with what is farthest away, in remembrance and expectation, that statement may be allowed to pass.

Music, like language, imitates, and is a riddle, an arrangement of signs that the reader both understands and does not understand. no art can be pinned down as to what it says, and yet it speaks.

in composition (act of programming), the convergence of (1) separating writing from its material and (2) treating language itself as a self-reliant material, is attained by the individual/programmer who abandons himself in a kind of active receptivity, to that towards the materials are striving on their own.

As one hears within the mere material the language that is enclosed within it, one becomes aware of the subject that lies concealed in that material.