making sense

simon penny

chap 9

p. 122 -> the archeology of knowledge, foucault (overall move to post-modernism)

gilbert ryle, the concept of mind

agre “a theory of cognition based on formal reason works best with objects of cognition whose attributes and relationships can be completely characterized in formal terms” -> maturana “the map/territory problem”

information is relativistic and relational

refs on embodied thought: william james, jakob von uexkull, john dewey, whitehead, ryle, schopenhauer

extended mind hypothesis of clark and chalmers (1998)

p. 185 -> implementation details is a phrase that stands for an entire body of disciplinary rationalizations to justify the disembodiment of AI (Herbert Simon, The Science of the Artificial, 1996)

the meaningful is not in our mind or brain, but is instead essentially worldly. The meaningful is not a model—that is, not representational—but is instead objects embedded in their context of references.

knowledge derives from active exploration (p.207)