add this to examples, from the rust parser example i forked, as an example of how people assign quality to proper scale naming:

rust // Level-change Operator (what a stupid name) operator_level = { operator_exp | operator_subscript | operator_exp ~ operator_subscript | operator_subscript ~ operator_exp }


chap 4 - programming

in the last section, 5.3

chap 3 - beauty

meeting with nick 14.14

Include Gordon Graham - Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics

overall, I should keep in mind that I do not have a technical audience, and I should rework/remove a lot of the examples, and add extensive discussions and rationale as to why those examples are there

For Languages of Art, two things about exemplification vs. implementation:

In architecture, highlight the fact that the detail is the point of interaction between the human and the structure.

In literature, include rousset: forme et signification

Include the fact that aesthetics help compress, and by compressing, people can hold more things in short term memory

meeting with nick - 28.12.2022

side note: are metaphors related to space because it’s hard for us to think in terms of time?

chap 2 - understanding

ide notes

chap 1 - ideals